SolarFlow Balkonkraftwerk-Set
SolarFlow Balkonkraftwerk-Set
SolarFlow Balkonkraftwerk-Set
SolarFlow Balkonkraftwerk-Set
SolarFlow Balkonkraftwerk-Set
SolarFlow Balkonkraftwerk-Set
SolarFlow Balkonkraftwerk-Set
SolarFlow Balkonkraftwerk-Set
SolarFlow Balkonkraftwerk-Set
SolarFlow Balkonkraftwerk-Set
SolarFlow Balkonkraftwerk-Set
SolarFlow Balkonkraftwerk-Set

SolarFlow Balkonkraftwerk-Set

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AB2000 Battery


During the day, power generated from solar panels flows through Hub 1200. Some of the power is converted into AC through a microinverter to run your home appliances. Excess power is routed to batteries so the stored energy can be used at night, Hub 1200 can handle up to 1,300 W of solar power, and the microinverter output can be set between is efficiently stored, and the PV Hub (with an adjustable range of 100W to 0 and 1,200 W. This level of power management helps you get the most out of your balcony solar system.
At night, the excess energy stored in the batteries (expandable up to 7680Wh with 4 AB2000 batteries) continues to power most of your home appliances: from high-wattage household items like air conditioners, refrigerators to low-wattage appliances such as Wi-Fi routers, lights, laptops and more.
Save your annual electric bill
up to 499€
Only Balcony Power Plant (1300W Solar Panel)
219€ / year
SolarFlow PVHub 1200+AB2000 Batteries + Balcony Power Plant (1300W Solar Panel)
499€ / year
The balcony power plant generates an average of about 5 kWh/day, saving 499 euros/year (0.4 euros/kWh). (Source:;

Zendure SolarFlow

  • 10-Year Warranty
  • Easy self-installation
  • IP65 Waterproof
  • TÜV certificate
  • 99% compatibility
SolarFlow is engineered for exceptional power and durability. Our advanced technology and premium materials ensure that you can rely on SolarFlow for years to come. And with an extra 10-year warranty and professional customer support, you can have peace of mind knowing that we've got you covered.
SolarFlow simply needs self-installation with just one plug, so you can deploy and move it easily. It can be installed by non-professionals and therefore there is no additional installation charge. All these features result in a fast, easy and cost-efficient installation, crucial for residential projects.
Stay protected as always. Safety is always our top priority. SolarFlow is designed with a particularly robust metal finish and an IP65 waterproof rating, providing complete protection against both dust and water. It can keep an ideal living environment inside.
This makes SolarFlow the first balcony energy storage system in the world to receive the TÜV certificate. This important award shows that Zendure meets the strict requirements from TÜV Rheinland in terms of product quality, safety and reliability. The certificate can be retrieved under this Source:PVHub 1200; AB1000.
With a universal solar connection design, SolarFlow can be compatible with 99% of solar panels and microinverters, including popular brands like Hoymiles, DEYE, APsystems,etc. This seamless integration saves you time and money on circuit changes, which is not only smoothly connected to solar panels in all directions but also suitable for microinverters.
Apartment Integrating SolarFlow with your existing balcony photovoltaic system is easy and hassle-free. Our storage system requires minimal space and features no messy cables, making it an ideal solution for any balcony. Plus, its stackable design allows you to maximize space and save costs.
House With the Zendure AIoT app, you can intelligently monitor and control your energy usage in real-time. SolarFlow is compatible with 99% of microinverters, including Hoymiles, DEYE, Priwatt, and more. This means that you can save money on your monthly electricity bills without having to change the electrical circuits of your house.
Garden Featuring IP65 water and dust resistance, SolarFlow can offer reliable and efficient performance in your garden. Additionally, our system can be expandable up to 7680Wh with 4 AB2000 batteries (4x1920Wh), which provides even more energy to meet your needs.
Rooftop Thanks to our universal MC4 hose design, SolarFlow is fully compatible with any orientation of your solar panels and most microinverters, making it simple to set up, disassemble, and relocate as required.
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Still rechargeable at the lowest -20℃

AB2000 is equipped with an internal self-heating film that can utilize solar energy and maintain the charging function even at temperatures as low as -20℃.

Zendure APP

Easily keep track of your electricity usage, every component's status and manage your SolarFlow system with the intuitive Zendure AIoT app. Charge and recharge at your fingertips with just a simple tap – everything you need is right at your disposal.

Easy to Install and Move

Plug-and-Play Made Effortless. One cable is everything - plug-in, charge, disassemble, and move in seconds with no mess or extra costs. Featuring Up to 4 expandable AB2000 batteries (7,680Wh), SolarFlow is the optimal energy solution for families, small business projects, and more.

Exceptional power and durability

To provide the best user experience, we guarantee a 10-year warranty and 15 years of use for our SolarFlow battery, with up to 6,000 cycles.

Whisper-Quiet Operation: 0dB Noise

Experience tranquility with our whisper-quiet operation that boasts an impressively low 0dB noise level.

The first TÜV and EMC-certified balcony power station with storage

Appreciate the energy, save on your electricity billg

Shelly Enable

SolarFlow has achieved intelligent linkage with related Shelly products. Through the Zendure APP, you can realize real-time power monitoring, intelligent power adjustment and more.
What are the model names, dimensions, and weights of each SolarFlow component?

Hub 1200 Model ZDSPVH1200, dimensions (W x D x H): 363 × 64 × 246 mm, weight ≈ 4.7 kg

AB1000 Battery Model ZDAB1000, dimensions (W x D x H): 350 × 200 × 187 mm, weight ≈ 11.5 kg

AB2000 Battery Model ZDAB2000, dimensions (W x D x H): 350 × 200 × 298mm, weight ≈ 21.62 kg

Can I purchase SolarFlow without paying VAT in Germany?

Yes. According to the German Value Added Tax Act (UStG) § 12 tax rates, you can buy SolarFlow without VAT.

For a better shopping experience, we recommend visiting our German website to enjoy tax-free prices on your orders.

What devices do I need for a balcony energy storage system?

A balcony energy storage system consists of solar panels, a solar energy module, batteries, and a microinverter

The necessary components, including Hoymiles microinverter, are available on our SolarFlow Balcony Power Plant product page.

How can I benefit from using SolarFlow?

Solar panels often produce more power than a home needs at various points throughout the day. The excess energy is fed to the grid with no benefit to the person who generated it. SolarFlow lets you make the most of your solar panels by routing the extra energy to at-home storage so you can use it later and reduce your energy costs.

What is SolarFlow's capacity?

SolarFlow's compatible energy storage modules include AB1000 with 960Wh of storage and AB2000 with 1,920Wh.

Up to four batteries can be stacked in any combination, for a maximum total capacity of 7,680Wh.

How many solar panels can be connected to SolarFlow?

Our Hub 1200 has two 500W MPPTs for 1000W total input. In order to utilize your solar system more efficiently, we recommend connecting each MPPT in parallel to solar panels with a total power of 650W, to maximize yield even when the sunlight isn't as strong.

Please note that the voltage to each MPPT must be between 16V and 60V, and the current should be less than 20A each.

What kind of solar panel is suitable for SolarFlow?

Each of Hub 1200's MPPTs is compatible with solar panels delivering a voltage between 16V and 60V and less than 20A of current.

What is the difference between AB1000 and AB2000?

AB2000 has twice the energy capacity of AB1000 (1,920Wh and 960Wh, respectively). While AB2000 is taller than AB1000, it is shorter than two AB1000s stacked together.

In addition, AB2000 has automatic self-heating to keep the battery operational in temperatures as low as -20°C.

Can an AB1000 and AB2000 be used together?

Yes. Up to four batteries can be stacked together to combine their capacity, and this stack can include a mix of AB1000 and AB2000 batteries.

What safety certifications does SolarFlow have?

FCC, CA65, CE, RoSH, REACH, TÜV Mark and TÜV CE.

How do I choose the right components for my balcony energy storage system?

First, check with your local regulations to determine how much power a balcony system can supply to the household. It's usually around 600W-800W, in which case we recommend selecting solar panels that deliver 1,1000W-1,300W, respectively.

For storage, it is usually ideal if the capacity is enough to cover your evening energy consumption.

How is available power destributed between the home and storage (AB1000/AB2000)?

The Zendure App lets you set the amount of power going to your home via the micro-inverter, and excess power will be distributed to storage in the AB1000 or AB2000 batteries.

Do the batteries automatically charge and discharge at the appropriate times?

If you're generating more solar power than the micro-inverter power you've set in the Zendure App, the batteries will be charged with the excess power. If instead there is a deficit, the batteries will be discharged to suppply energy to your home.

Please note that our AB2000 batteries have an automatic self-heating feature that allows them to work in temperatures as low as -20°C, whereas an AB1000 cannot charge below 0°C.

How can I determine my daily energy consumption?

Determining your daily energy consumption is an important step in configuring the right system for your needs. The goal is to generate more energy than you need during the day so that the surplus energy is stored and is sufficient to cover your evening consumption.

After sunset, check your energy meter and write down the reading. Then, after sunrise, take another reading and write this down. The difference between these two figures is the energy consumed. At the next sunset, read the meter again and subtract the sunrise figure to calculate the energy you used during the day.

Please keep in mind that energy usage and daylight availability fluctuate depending on the weather and the season. It may be helpful to project energy consumption for other seasons by checking the rated power consumption of your major appliances and anticipating how much more/less they will be used throughout the year. Power consumption information is often provided by the manufacturer but can also be determined using smart plugs with energy monitoring capability.

Are the Hub 1200 and batteries shipped separately?

Yes, the Hub and each storage unit are shipped in separate boxes, which may or may not e delivered at the same time.

Package & Spec
PV Hub Hub 1200 View Spec
ab2000 AB2000 Battery View Spec
ab1000 AB1000 Battery View Spec
(Optional) Hoymiles Microinverter HMS-800-2T
(Optional) Flexible Solar Panles
(Free Gift) Zendure Satellite Plug
1 x Battery Cable (1.5m)
2 x MicroInverter Cable (0.6m)
4 x Solar Cable (3m)
1 x Aerial
6*Mounting Screws
2* Flat Washers
(Gift, individually package): 2*Solar Connector 1-to-2+ 2*Extend Cable 0.6m
User Manual+Warranty Card

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