<tc>Zendure SuperBase V Batería Balcón Planta Eléctrica Set (Enchufe satélite gratis)</tc>
<tc>Zendure SuperBase V Batería Balcón Planta Eléctrica Set (Enchufe satélite gratis)</tc>
<tc>Zendure SuperBase V Batería Balcón Planta Eléctrica Set (Enchufe satélite gratis)</tc>
<tc>Zendure SuperBase V Batería Balcón Planta Eléctrica Set (Enchufe satélite gratis)</tc>
<tc>Zendure SuperBase V Batería Balcón Planta Eléctrica Set (Enchufe satélite gratis)</tc>
<tc>Zendure SuperBase V Batería Balcón Planta Eléctrica Set (Enchufe satélite gratis)</tc>

Zendure SuperBase V Batería Balcón Planta Eléctrica Set (Enchufe satélite gratis)

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Intelligent Energy Management

The SuperBase V Battery Balcony Solar Plant Sets are engineered with smart energy management systems, which include a satellite battery connecting with our PVHub Mini, ensuring you always have energy reserves for unexpected power outages.

High-Power Solar Input and Large Capacity

The SuperBase V Battery Balcony Solar Plant Set is designed to handle high-power photovoltaic input, reaching a maximum of 3,000W. It offers up to 800W output and a large capacity ranging from 4.6kWh (Satellite battery 4600 Set) to 6.4 kWh (Satellite battery 6400 Set), catering to your diverse energy needs.

Grid Connection for Electricity Bill Savings

Our 420w flexible solar panels can feed excess electricity back into the grid when they capture ample sunlight. This feature optimizes consumption during low-cost electricity hours, potentially reducing electricity bills.

Off-Grid Capability for Emergency Backup

Zendure's Superbase V Battery Balcony Solar Plant Sets offer off-grid capabilities for emergency backup, they harness solar energy during the day, converting sunlight into electricity through photovoltaic cells. This power is stored in a battery for later use or converted to AC and fed back into the grid. When the sun sets, the stored energy powers your home, ensuring efficient use of renewable energy.

Duty-Free Advantage

In line with Germany's photovoltaic system tax exemption policy effective from December 2022, operators of residential photovoltaic systems up to a scale of 30 kilowatts can enjoy a value-added tax exemption. This makes harnessing solar energy more cost-effective, allowing everyone to reap the benefits of renewable energy.
What's the cycle life for SuperBase V?

3,000+ cycles for SuperBase V6400 with semi-solid state batteries and 6,000+ cycles for SuperBase V4600 with LiFePO4 batteries.

What is the load-starting capability of the SuperBase V?

The SuperBase V has a load starting capability of up to 25 - 32 A LRA³. (The starting capability may vary for different loads)

What kind of batteries does SuperBase V use?

SuperBase V6400 uses semi-solid state batteries with a total charge capacity of 6,438Wh, while SuperBase V4600 uses LFP (LiFePO4) batteries and has a charge capacity of 4,608Wh.

What is the AC output power of SuperBase V?

The LFP and SSS versions of SuperBase V both have 3,800W rated power and 5,000W peak power. Two SuperBase V's with the same type of battery can be connected to each other with our ZenY cable or the Home Panel to achieve up to 7,600W of total output power.

Can 2 SuperBase V be connected for higher output power?

Yes, two SuperBase V's can be connected together using either our Home Panel or the ZenY cable, doubling the rated output power to 7,600W.

Can I mix semi-solid-state and LFP products?

No, a SuperBase V system should be configured with only semi-solid-state components or only LFP components.

What's the capacity of the semi-solid-state SuperBase V?

The semi-solid-state version has a capacity of 6,438Wh, and the LFP version has a capacity of 4,608Wh.

What is max solar panel charging input?

SuperBase V can collect up to 3,000W through the XT-90 port.

Where is solar panel input?

SuperBase V can accept solar power through the XT90 port or the AC input.

How many MPPT ports are used in order to achieve 3,000W solar input?

SuperBase V has one MPPT to accept solar power through the XT90 port. We are currently evaluating new products that will include 2 MPPT inputs and 2 MPPT outputs.

What's the switching time for UPS?

The US model of SuperBase V can switch to battery power with 0ms of downtime to its AC output port. Other models and other connections will see less than 13ms of interruption.

How many Satellite batteries can be connected to a single SuperBase V?

For each SuperBase V, you can link up to 4 Satellite Batteries. A system can include up to two SuperBase V's working in tandem, with a maximum of 8 Satellite Batteries total.

How do I connect the Satellite Batteries to each other? And how do I connect them to SuperBase V?

Satellite Batteries can directly stack on each other without cable. To connect a Satellite battery to SuperBase V, the included battery cable is the only connection required.

Why are the expansion batteries called "Satellites"?

Our Satellite batteries are an excellent companion to SuperBase V to increase your system's capacity, but they also have their own independent DC input and output capabilities that allow them to function as standalone units as well. Similarly, while the Moon is Earth's companion as a natural satellite, it can shine independently and has its own charm.

Does the system have voice control features?

Yes, the system can respond to commands given through a paired Amazon Alexa or Google Home device.

Can SuperBase V be charged with solar panels from a different brand?

Yes, SuperBase V can be charged by third-party solar panels with voltage ranging from 12V to 150V; Zendure's 400W Solar Panel and 320W Rigid Solar Panel have been thoroughly tested with SuperBase V and remain our recommendation.

What's the plug type for the Mobile EV Charger?

14-50 plug for Type 1 (J1772) connector with 5-15 plug and 6-20 plug adaptor cables; CEE 32 plug for Type 2 (Mennekes) with EU plug, UK plug and AU plug adatpor cables.

What can the EV T1 Adapter be used for?

Using the EV T1 Adapter, you can charge SuperBase V via a Type 1 EV charger. It's also a convenient way for European Standard vehicles to charge from devices that have an American Standard charging connector.

Is the Satellite Plug just a smart plug?

Like traditional smart plugs, the Satellite Plug can be used to remotely turn devices on or off. Together with the Home Panel system, our Satellite Plugs achieve their true potential, providing insight and tools to manage your home's power.

Can photovoltaic panels be connected when PVHub Mini is connected?

Yes. The XT-90 interface of SBV is 12-60VDC, 25A, 15,00W Max; the XT-90 interface of satellite battery pack is 12-60VDC, 10A, 600W Max.

After connecting the PVHub Mini, will the SBV/satellite battery pack output power to the PVHub Mini after it is turned on?

To power on the SBV/satellite battery pack, you need to connect to the App, and set up on the App to turn on the parallel port output to supply power to the PVHub Mini.

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