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For Rooftop Solar

SolarFlow Hyper 2000

First Multi-Sets Coordination Plug-in Solar System with
Bidirectional AC-Coupled Storage Solution

  • - Plug-and-Play

    Plug-and-Play Bidirectional AC-Coupled Storage Solution

  • - Automatic Networking

    ZenLink Multi-Sets Automatic Networking on the Same Phase with 1200W-1800W AC Charging

  • - 1200W bidirectional power

    Multi-Sets Power Limit 800W-1800W

  • - 2400W-7200W Solar Panel

    2400W-7200W Solar Panel, 4 Sets of Solar Connectors, 1800W-5400W MPPT

  • - 23.04 kWh Storage

    23.04kWh of Storage with 3 Sets on the Same Phase

Product Image

For Balcony Power Plant

SolarFlow Hyper Balcony Power Plant

The World's First Plug-in Solar System with AC-Coupled Storage Solution

  • - Multi-Sets Automatic Networking

    ZenLink Multi-Sets Automatic Networking on the Same Phase
    with 1200W-1800W AC Charging

  • - Adjustable power

    Power Range for Multiple Sets: 800W to 1800W

  • - Scalable MPPT

    from 1.8 kW to 5.4 kW

  • - 23.04 kWh Storage

    23.04kWh of Storage with 3 Sets on the Same Phase

  • - 10-Year Warranty, 15-Year Product Lifetime

What are the weight and dimensions of Hyper 2000?

Dimensions (L×W×H): 350 x 202 x 78mm,

Weight (excluding accessories): approximately 8.5kg

Can I buy a Hyper 2000 in Germany without paying VAT?

Yes. According to Section 12 of the German Value Added Tax Act (UStG), you do not need to pay VAT when purchasing Hyper 2000.

For a better shopping experience, we recommend visiting our German websiteto enjoy tax-free prices on your orders.

How can SolarFlow Hyper 2000 help me save money on my electricity bills?

Hyper 2000's 1800W MPPT and 1200W AC bidirectional inverter capabilities, in conjunction with intelligent power management features, can help you reduce costs in two ways:
During the day, Hyper converts the energy generated by the solar panels into AC power for the home, and the excess energy (which you can configure in the Zendure app or by using a compatible smart energy meter) will be used to charge the battery. At night, Hyper 2000 will convert the power stored in the battery into AC for home use. This reduces the waste of surplus solar power, helping you get the greatest cost benefit out of your system.
Additionally, using time-of-use (TOU) energy scheduling, a Hyper 2000 system cuts electricity costs by charging the battery when prices are low and using the battery's energy when prices are high.

How many solar panels can be connected to Hyper 2000?

Hyper 2000 has 4 sets of solar connectors and can connect with up to 4 groups of solar panels.

How do I choose the right solar panels for Hyper 2000?

1. We recommended that the maximum power range for each MPPT input be between 350W and 600W.
2. Please note that the Voc (open circuit voltage) on each MPPT input must be lower than 55V.

Does Hyper 2000 work with other brands of solar panels?

Yes. The recommended power range for each MPPT input is 350W-600W. with a voltage range of 15V-55V. Please be aware that solar panels with voltages above 55V may cause permanent damage to Hyper 2000.

Which battery models does Hyper 2000 support? What are their differences?

Hyper 2000 works with Zendure's AB1000 and AB2000 batteries. AB1000 has a capacity of 960Wh, and AB2000 has a capacity of 1920Wh. AB2000 can operate in temperatures as low as -20°C, while AB1000 is suitable only for environments above 0°C. If outdoor winter temperatures fall below 0°C, we recommend using only AB2000 or placing your system indoors where the temperature is above 0°C.

What is the maximum battery capacity for a Hyper 2000 system?

AB1000 and AB2000 can be freely combined in a stack of four batteries, with a maximum total capacity of 7680Wh.

Can Hyper 2000 charge the batteries using the household power grid?

Yes, Hyper 2000 can charge your batteries using your home's AC power. It can be scheduled to do so during off-peak hours to reduce costs, and will also atomatically charge from AC power when the batteries are low and there is insufficient solar power, preventing battery damage and ensuring that you have some reserve energy available.

Does Hyper 2000 have any special battery management technology?

Yes, Hyper 2000 is equipped with intelligent anti-discharge technology.
For the longevity and performance of your batteries, Hyper 2000 takes particular measures when the batteries are almost depleted. Hyper 2000 will use AC and/or solar power to keep the batteries at 5%. If AC and solar power are not available, Hyper 2000 will go into sleep mode to reduce discharge.

What is ZenLink technology? What are the benefits?

ZenLink is a local communication technology that offers key benefits over alternatives.
1. As soon as multiple Hyper 2000s are plugged into the home power grid, they instantly recognize each other and begin communicating, establishing a stable and reliable connection without relying on Wi-Fi.
2. Phase recognition: With this technology, it is unnecessary for an electrician to distinguish whether multiple Hyper devices are on the same phase. If they are on the same phase, they can automatically cluster and be controlled uniformly, saving a great deal of time and cost.

How does Hyper 2000 allocate power to the battery and my home?

You can adjust the AC output power in the Zendure App.
- When the solar panel generation is higher than the AC output power you set, Hyper 2000 will store the excess in the battery.
- When the solar panel generation is lower than the AC output power you set, all of the solar panel generation will be delivered to your home, and the battery will be discharged to meet the designated AC output power.
- At night, when there is no solar panel generation, Hyper 2000 will use the battery to power your home.

How do I get Hyper 2000 to automatically adjust output power?

AC Output power can be automatically adjusted using compatible smart plugs and smart enery meters. Hyper 2000 supports Shelly Pro 3EM, Shelly 3EM, Zendure Satellite Monitor CT, Zendure Satellite Plug, and Shelly Plus Plug S.

Is it normal for the device to heat up after being used for a while?

Yes, a slight increase in temperature during use is normal. This will not affect the device's lifespan. Hyper 2000 has undergone rigorous testing and is equipped with anti-overheating protection to ensure the safety of your system. Children and pets should not be allowed to touch Hyper 2000 while it is in operation.

Will Hyper 2000 supply power to the household during a power outage?

For safety reasons, Hyper 2000 will stop supplying power to the household when a power outage occurs. We are soon to launch a unique backup power strip that integrates with Hyper 2000 to provide electricity in an emergency.

I have a solar panel whose power is below the recommended 350-600W. Will it still work with Hyper 2000?

Yes, if the power of each of your solar panels is small (100W-350W), you can connect 2-3 panels in parallel on a single set of Hyper 2000's solar connectors. Please make sure that the open circuit voltage (Voc) of each solar panel is between 15-55V and multiple panels are in parallel.

What types of communication protocols can Hyper 2000 work with?

Hyper 2000 supports three types of communication protocols for reliability and convenience:
1. Wi-Fi 2.4GHz & 5GH: You can choose the most stable band to connect Hyper 2000 to the internet.
2. Bluetooth local communication; when there is no Wi-Fi signal, you can still control and monitor Hyper 2000 with the Zendure app if you are within Bluetooth range.
3. ZenLink: Multiple Hyper 2000 stacks will automatically recognize and coordinate with each other when they are connected to your home's outlets, without relying on Wi-Fi.

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