Zendure Satellite Monitor CT
Zendure Satellite Monitor CT
Zendure Satellite Monitor CT

Zendure Satellite Monitor CT

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Intelligent power adjustment

Introducing Satellite Monitor CT, the ultimate solution for intelligent home energy management. With its advanced features, Monitor CT empowers you to take control of your energy usage like never before.

  • Intelligent power adjustment
  • Power adjustable per 1W
  • Remote control of home appliances
  • Scheduling and timer functions
  • Energy monitoring and usage reports
  • Over-load Protection

Real-time energy monitoring

Available as part of the SolarFlow Balcony Power System, Satellite Monitor CT works with SolarFlow via the Zendure app to provide real-time power usage statistics and automatically optimize SolarFlow's output to ensure that 100 percent of the PV energy is used for household loads. During peak hours, the system prioritizes household use; during off-peak hours, most of the energy is stored, greatly increasing PV utilization.

    Easy and Safe to install

    With its user-friendly design and clear instructions, installing Monitor CT is a hassle-free experience, ensuring convenience and peace of mind for users of all levels. Rest assured, your home energy management system will be up and running smoothly in no time, with no compromises on safety.

    🌟 Friendly Reminder: Please Ensure Proper Installation 🌟

    We kindly ask that you take a moment to ensure that the installation of your product adheres to local electrical regulations. For your safety and the longevity of your product, it's best to have it installed by a qualified professional, such as an electrician. Thank you for your attention to this matter!


      Name Zendure Satellite Monitor CT
      Model ZDSMCT
      Dimensions 140×35×77 mm (5.51"x1.38"x3.03")
      Weight 0.181 kg (0.4 lbs)
      Power Supply 100 ~ 240VAC ±10%
      Frequency 50/60Hz
      Consumption < 1.1w
      Max Measurement Per Channel 150A
      Protection Level IP44
      Operating Temperature -20°C~70°C (-4°F~158°F)
      Storage Temperature -40°C~85°C(-40°F~185°F)
      Operating Humidity (RH) 5%~ 95%
      Height of the altitude 0 - 3,000M
      Wireless Type Bluetooth, Wi-Fi


      With the CT satellite monitor, you are not only choosing a comfortable living experience, but also contributing to a sustainable environment. Join us and together we can create a sustainable, greener, smarter energy future for your home.

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