<tc>Zendure Solarflow Batteria AB1000</tc>
<tc>Zendure Solarflow Batteria AB1000</tc>
<tc>Zendure Solarflow Batteria AB1000</tc>
<tc>Zendure Solarflow Batteria AB1000</tc>
<tc>Zendure Solarflow Batteria AB1000</tc>
<tc>Zendure Solarflow Batteria AB1000</tc>
<tc>Zendure Solarflow Batteria AB1000</tc>
<tc>Zendure Solarflow Batteria AB1000</tc>
<tc>Zendure Solarflow Batteria AB1000</tc>
<tc>Zendure Solarflow Batteria AB1000</tc>
<tc>Zendure Solarflow Batteria AB1000</tc>

Zendure Solarflow Batteria AB1000

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Zendure SolarFlow Add-on Battery AB1000


Super charged, super power

Join us as we push the limits of the ab1000 battery and witness its incredible durability. Despite undergoing extreme trials, our Solarflow balcony solar system continues to operate flawlessly, reaffirming its superior performance.

Powerful and practical functions

  • 10-Year Warranty
  • TÜV certificate
  • Easy stack-up expansion
  • IP65 Waterproof
AB1000 is engineered for exceptional power and durability. Our advanced technology and premium materials ensure that you can rely on SolarFlow for years to come. And with an extra 10-year warranty and professional customer support, you can have peace of mind knowing that we've got you covered.
SolarFlow was the first balcony energy storage system in the world to receive the TÜV certificate. This important award shows that Zendure meets the strict requirements from TÜV Rheinland in terms of product quality, safety and reliability. The certificate can be retrieved under this Source:PVHub 1200; AB1000.
The stacking capability function enables users to expand their power storage by stacking multiple batteries together. This innovative feature allows for customizable energy solutions that cater to individual needs.
Stay protected as always. Safety is always our top priority. AB1000 battery is designed with a particularly robust metal finish and an IP65 waterproof rating, providing complete protection against both dust and water. It can keep an ideal living environment inside.

Smart Energy Management with Zendure App

Easily keep track of your electricity usage, every component's status and manage your SolarFlow system with the intuitive Zendure AIoT app. Charge and recharge at your fingertips with just a simple tap – everything you need is right at your disposal.
app control

Easy to Install and Move

Plug-and-Play Made Effortless. One cable is everything - plug-in, charge, disassemble, and move in seconds with no mess or extra costs. Featuring Up to 4 expandable batteries (7,680Wh), SolarFlow is the optimal energy solution for families, small business projects, and more.

Exceptional power and durability

3000 cycles up to 80% capacity, 6000 cycles up to 70% capacity. Say goodbye to frequent replacement and hello to a long-lasting, reliable solution that stands the test of time.

Whisper-Quiet Operation: 0dB Noise

Experience tranquility with our whisper-quiet operation that boasts an impressively low 0dB noise level. Enjoy a peaceful and quiet environment as our product works without disturbing noises.

Make full use of your balcony

Intuitively comparing various data allows you to make choices based on actual needs.

Various usage scenarios

  • Winter Use
  • Compatible with AB2000
  • Waterproof performance
  • Metal Shell
How many AB1000 battery(s) can a single PV Hub 1200 connect?

Each PV Hub 1200 can support up to four AB1000 batteries, expanding the maximum capacity to 3840Wh.

What's the batterie type of AB1000 and how is its cycle life?

The AB1000 uses automotive-grade lithium iron phosphate batteries. It has a cycle life of 6000 times and can remain 70% capacity after that.

Can the AB1000 battery be charged and discharged at the same time?

No, the AB1000 battery shares the same port for input/output connections.

Can I use the AB1000 battery and the AB2000 battery at the same time?

Exactly! Zendure's AB1000 battery can stack perfectly with the AB2000 battery.
However, it's important to note that the stack can only contain up to four batteries in any combination.

Can an AB1000 be charged with solar panels from a different brand?

Yes, AB1000 can be charged by other solar panels. Please connect the solar panels to the PV Hub 1200, and charge the AB1000 through the PV Hub 1200.

When is the battery charged and discharged?

When the PV input is greater than the output to microinverter, the battery AB1000 will be charged, and when the PV input is less than the output to microinverter, the battery will be discharged.

Could you clarify whether the inverter receives power while the battery is being charged?

Yes, SolarFlow will first output to the microinverter, then the rest will be stored in the battery AB1000.

How do I store my AB1000?

For long-term storage, it is recommended to charge and discharge this product once every three months. That is, discharge the product to 20% first, and then recharge it to 80%.

How do I allocate power generation to the home grid and battery AB1000?

You can set the output for the microinverter via the Zendure App, and the rest will be automatically stored in the battery AB1000.

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