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Hub 1200 (1000W MPPT)

Hub 1200 can handle up to 1,300 W of solar power, and the microinverter output can be set between 0 and 1,200 W.
This level of energy management allows you to get the most out of your balcony solar system.

Incredibly Flexible Solar Panels

Flexible photovoltaic modules, which can be bent by 213°, perfectly adapt to the curvature of round balconies.

Supported by Hoymiles

Enjoy hassle-free connectivity and flawless performance, making it the ideal choice for a user-friendly experience.

Shelly Enabled

Through the Zendure APP, you can integrate the corresponding products to realize real-time performance monitoring, intelligent power adjustment and other functions.

Zendure Satellite Monitor CT

Satellite Monitor CT is part of the SolarFlow balcony power system and works with SolarFlow via the Zendure app. As a key element of the SolarFlow balcony power system, this high-tech device integrates seamlessly into your everyday life through the Zendure app, making the use of solar energy easier and more efficient than ever before.