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Ace 1500
Ace 1500
Ace 1500
Ace 1500
Ace 1500
Ace 1500
Ace 1500
Ace 1500
Ace 1500
Ace 1500
Ace 1500
Ace 1500
Ace 1500
Ace 1500
Ace 1500
Ace 1500
Ace 1500
Ace 1500

Ace 1500

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Ace 1500
AB1000 Battery
AB2000 Battery

Versatile Power for On-Grid and Off-Grid Lifestyles

  • On-Grid
  • Off-Grid
Hub 2000 connects to solar panels and generates energy through the solar panels; Ace 1500 connects to solar panels and generates energy through the solar panels. Energy is stored in the add-on batteries through Ace 1500 and the battery connecting line.
Energy flows through the Hub 2000 to the microinverter and then to the outlet.

Additional 400W MPPT enables faster charging

An additional 400W MPPT allows users to enjoy faster charging power. With Hub 1200, capacity increases from 1000W to 1400W, while Hub 2000 sees a boost from 1800W to 2000W.

Leverage Day-Ahead Electricity Prices
to Optimize TOU Cost-Efficiency

Zendure app offers real-time electricity price notifications. Users can set a target price and plan a charging and discharging schedule accordingly. The system will automatically charge at low electricity prices and discharge at high prices, ensuring cost-effective utilization via time-of-use.

900W AC Charging Optimized Battery Performance

900W AC charging optimizes battery life and performance, maintaining ideal charge levels for extended battery longevity.

Uninterrupted Operation for Low-Power Appliances

  • Standby Appliances
  • 20ms UPS
Ordinary portable power stations tend to cut off the power when demand is low, such as when a refrigerator is between cooling cycles. Ace 1500 keeps power available even when your appliances are in standby mode.
During a power outage, Ace 1500 can quickly switch to emergency backup power within 20ms to keep your equipment running uninterrupted.

Up to 1,500W AC Output for Outdoor and Emergency Use

Garage In addition to powering the home, users can draw power directly from SolarFlow Ace 1500 to supply loads.
Garden Supply power to your backyard or patio, where there are no outlets available.
Kitchen With 1500W AC output, Ace 1500 can power most home appliances.
Outdoor Ace 1500's modular design works with a Zendure Add-on Battery to meet your outdoor power needs.
What are the weight and dimensions of Ace 1500?

Dimensions (Length x Width x Height): 326x200x108mm,

Weight (excluding accessories): approximately 4kg.

Can I purchase Ace 1500 without paying VAT in Germany?

Yes, According to the German Value Added Tax Act (UStG) § 12 tax rates, German customers can purchase Ace 1500 without VAT.

For a better shopping experience, we recommend visiting our German website to enjoy tax-free prices on your orders.

How many AB1000/AB2000 can Ace 1500 connect to, and do they all have to be the same type?

Ace 1500 can be connected to up to four batteries, in any combination that suits you.

Is Ace 1500 compatible with other battery brands?

No, Ace 1500 is only compatible with Zendure's AB1000 and AB2000 batteries.

Does Ace 1500 need a battery extension cable to connect to AB1000/AB2000?

No, you can stack Ace 1500 directly on AB1000 or AB2000 batteries without an extra battery extension cable.

Does the Zendure app support Ace 1500 control?

Yes. Through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection, Zendure app allows you to remotely control Ace 1500, such as setting the AC output duration and upgrading the firmware.

Can I use another brand of solar panel to charge AB1000 or AB2000 with Ace 1500?

Yes, provided the solar panel meets the following conditions:
1. Voc less than 60V
2. Isc less than 16A
3. Solar Panel Power less than 600W
4. Ports are Solar Connectors

Can Ace 1500 charge the battery with solar panels and AC power at the same time?

Yes, you can connect Ace 1500 to solar panels and AC power at the same time to charge AB1000/AB2000 from both sources.

Is Ace 1500 waterproof?

No, always keep Ace in a cool, dry place.

What is the maximum charging power of Ace 1500?

960W with 1×AB1000 (PV+AC)
1,200W with 1×AB2000 (PV+AC)
1,300W with 2×AB1000/AB2000 (PV+AC)

What is the maximum AC output power of Ace 1500?

960W with 1×AB1000
1,200W with 1×AB2000
1,500W with 2×AB1000/AB2000

Can Ace 1500 be integrated into my existing SolarFlow system?

Yes, Ace 1500 has dedicated ports for connection with SolarFlow. You can stack Ace 1500 on AB1000/AB2000 expansion batteries and still hook it up to your Hub.

Can Ace 1500 power home appliances?

When Ace 1500 is used in conjuction with Hub 2000 and a microinverter, it can power your home.
When used alone, Ace 1500 can power home appliances connected to it.

When the Ace 1500 is connected to the Hub 1200/2000 and AB batteries for on-grid use, can appliances be connected directly to Ace 1500?

Yes. Ace 1500 will prioritize supplying continuous backup power to your refrigerator or any other devices connected directly to it, with the power available to your home's circuits.

How do I set Ace 1500 to never go to sleep or shut down when connected to appliances (e.g., refrigerator) to ensure continuous power supply?

1. When Ace 1500 is only connected to AB1000/AB2000 batteries, use the app to set Ace 1500's AC output to never shut down.
2. When Ace 1500 is connected to the SolarFlow Hub system, use the app to set the Hub 1200/Hub 2000 to never enter bypass mode, and at the same time, set Ace 1500's AC output to never shut down.

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