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ZENDURE SolarFlow is here!

Zendure SolarFlow
From 1,499€

Zendure Balcony Solar Storage System


From 1.499€ (VAT Included.)

Introducing SolarFlow, a balcony solar storage system that harnesses the power of the sun to help you save more on your electricity bills.

  • 10-Year Warranty | IP65 Waterproof | Dual MPPT 800W Input | Universal MC4 Adaptability | Safe & Easy to Use | AIoT App Control | Start Shipping on July 15th
During the daytime, the energy generated from solar panels flows through PV Hub and will be converted into alternating current by micro-inverters to run your home appliances.Any excess energy is intelligently stored* in batteries for use at night, allowing you to save up to 32% on your annual electricity bills.*Intelligent Flow Control ensures that daytime excess energy is efficiently stored, and the PV Hub (with an adjustable range of 100W to 1200W) feeds a default 600W to microinverter, fully satisfying the electricity demand during peak hours.
At night, the excess energy stored in the batteries (expandable up to 3840Wh with 4 batteries) continues to power most of your home appliances: from high-wattage household items like air conditioners, refrigerators to low-wattage appliances such as Wi-Fi routers, lights, laptops and more.

Save your annual electric bill

Only Balcony Power Plant
140€ / Year
SolarFlow + Balcony Power Plant
438€ / Year
Only Balcony Power Plant
140€ / Year
SolarFlow + Balcony Power Plant
438€ / Year

A balcony solar system will, on average, generate around 3kWh of electricity per day and the average household in Germany consumes approximately 3500 kWh annually ,which can save 438€per year(0,4€ per kWh) - almost a third (32%) of annual electricity bill.


Compatible with 99% of Balcony Power Plants

Compatible with 99% of Balcony Power Plants

With a universal MC4 hose design, SolarFlow can be compatible with 99% of solar panels and microinverters, including popular brands like Hoymiles, DEYE, Priwatt,etc. This seamless integration saves you time and money on circuit changes ,which is not only smoothly connected to solar panels in all directions but also suitable for micro-inverters.

10-Year Warranty for LiFePO4 Battery

10-Year Warranty for LiFePO4 Battery

SolarFlow is engineered for exceptional power and durability. Our advanced technology and premium materials ensure that you can rely on SolarFlow for years to come. And with an extra 10-year warranty and professional customer support, you can have peace of mind knowing that we've got you covered.

IP65 Waterproof Protection

IP65 Waterproof Protection

Stay protected as always. Safety is always our top priority. SolarFlow is designed with a particularly robust metal finish and an IP65 waterproof rating, providing complete protection against both dust and water. It can keep an ideal living environment inside.

Easy Self-Installation

Easy Self-Installation

SolarFlow simply needs self-installation with just one plug, so you can deploy and move it easily. Also it supports up to 4 battery modules connected to meet your energy needs. It can be installed by non-professionals and therefore there is no additional installation charge. All these features result in a fast, easy and cost-efficient installation, crucial for residential projects.

10 Years
Worry-free 10 Years Warranty for LiFePO4 Battery
3840 Wh
Max Expandable Capacity
Stackable Battery (Up to 4 batteries for 3840Wh)
800 W
PV Input
Dual MPPT with 400W*2 Solar Input
1200 W
Max 1200W Output to Micro-inverter
Work with Any Configuration
Apartment Apartment
House House
Garden Garden
Rooftop Rooftop
Integrating SolarFlow with your existing balcony photovoltaic system is easy and hassle-free. Our storage system requires minimal space and features no messy cables, making it an ideal solution for any balcony. Plus, its stackable design allows you to maximize space and save costs.
With the Zendure AIoT app, you can intelligently monitor and control your energy usage in real-time. SolarFlow is compatible with 99% of microinverters, including Hoymiles, DEYE, Priwatt, and more. This means that you can save money on your monthly electricity bills without having to change the electrical circuits of your house.
Featuring IP65 water and dust resistance, SolarFlow can offer reliable and efficient performance in your garden. Additionally, our system can be expandable up to 3840Wh with 4 batteries (4x960Wh), which provides even more energy to meet your needs.
Thanks to our universal MC4 hose design, SolarFlow is fully compatible with any orientation of your solar panels and most microinverters, making it simple to set up, disassemble, and relocate as required.
MC4 Universal Adaptability
Unmatched universal compatibility with MC4 connectors allows you to use almost most of solar panels and microinverters on the market, regardless of your existing system or new DIY kit. SolarFlow is ideal for both amateur and professional users who want to self-install their solar systems with ease.
Easy to Install & Move
Plug-and-Play Made Effortless. One cable is everything - plug-in, charge, disassemble, and move in seconds with no mess or extra costs. Featuring Up to 4 expandable batteries (3,840Wh), SolarFlow is the optimal energy solution for families, small business projects, and more.
Safe & Convenient to Use in Balcony
Sturdy full-metal IP65 water-proof design withstands even the harshest weather conditions, allowing you to use SolarFlow for longer periods thanks to the 10-year battery warranty. Coupled with intelligent BMS (Battery Management System), it ensures balanced charge cycles and optimal heat dissipation, providing unparalleled efficiency and longevity as always without safety hazards.
Zendure APP
Easily keep track of your electricity usage, every component' status and manage your SolarFlow system with the intuitive Zendure AIoT app. Charge and recharge at your fingertips with just a simple tap – everything you need is right at your disposal.

What is SolarFlow System?

SolarFlow and micro-inverter constitute a small grid-connected PV energy storage system, which aims to help users save electricity bills. This product cannot be used during power outages.

Smart PVHub Basic Information

Weight:≈ 10.4lbs /4.7kg
Dimensions:14.3×9.7×2.5 in / 363×246×64mm 

Add-on AB1000 Basic Information

Model:ZDAB1000Weight:≈25.4 lbs /11.5kgDimensions:13.8*7.9*7.3 in / 350×200×186.5mm  

What should be included to form a balcony energy storage system?

Solar Panel + SolarFlow + Microinverter

In which case you need to buy SolarFlow?

You have installed balcony PV or want to install it, and most of the solar power generation is wasted, you can buy SolarFlow to store electricity for use at night to have a greater extent to reduce electricity bills

If I am a new ,how do I have to configure my balcony power storage system.

Step1:you need to know the local regulations, what is the maximum power allowed to the household socket,Nowadays Most are 600W or 800W
Step2:recommendation is 1.1 -1.3times of MPPT rating,880W-1000W
Step3:Calculate your daily basic power consumption during the day
Step4:Calculate battery capacity,except for the basic consumption during the day, the rest will be stored in the battery,estimate the battery capacity based on your local lighting time and intensity,for example:Your basic consumption is 200W,lighting time is 8 hours,MPPT can four power input (800W),the battery you need is 2000KWh (0.8KWh*5-0.2KWh*8). 

Which solar panels can match SolarFlow?

The solar panels, working rate voltage range is 16-60V and the current is below 13A, can be used.

How do I allocate power generation to the home grid and battery AB1000

You can set the output for the micro-inverter via the Zendure App, and the rest will be automatically stored in the battery AB1000 

When is the battery charged and when is energy taken from the battery?

When the PV input is greater than the output to micro-inverter, the battery AB1000 will be charged, and when the PV input is less than the output to micro-inverter, the battery will be discharged.

Is it possible to set the basic requirement or is the requirement somehow determined and then the power output regulated?

Set the output to the micro-inverter through Zendure App, the range is 100-1200W

Is the inverter also supplied with voltage while the battery is being charged?

Yes,SolarFlow will first output to micro-inverter, then the rest will be stored in the battery.

What's the capacity of SolarFlow?

One AB1000 is 960Wh,SolarFlow Max extend up to 4 x AB1000,total 3840Wh.

What is the voltage of AB1000?


How do you know your electricity consumption during the day?

It is recommended that you as much as possible store in the battery during the day except for basic power consumption:1.Calculated the device consumption you always run during the day or 24 hours a day,sunch as refrigerators, routers and standby devices.2. Go to the meter box right before you go to bed, write down your current meter reading and the time. As soon as you get up, you write down the meter reading and the time. You can calculate your base load from consumption and elapsed time.3.You can use a measuring socket that you plug between the socket and the power consumer. To calculate the base load, you collect the wattage consumed from all the devices that are constantly running (including standby) and add up the values.  

Are the units/batteries going to be cross compatible with the SBV and batteries?

Currently AB1000 is not cross-compatible with SBV.

What safety certifications does solarFlow have?

FCC、CA65、CE、Rosh、Raech、TUV Mark & TUV CE

SolarFlow Working Logic

1.You need to set a power (range 100-1200W) to microinverter on Zendure App.Note:It is recommended that the power you set for the microinverter is your basic power consumption.2.SolarFlow will automatically determine the flow of energy according to the power given to the microinverter.When the PV input is greater than the output to micro-inverter, the battery AB1000 will be charged, and when the PV input is less than the output to microinverter, the battery will be discharged Powering the household consumption with PV together. 
Package & Spec
Smart PV Hub 1200
View Spec
Add-on Battery 1000
View Spec
1 x Battery Cable (1.5m)
1 x Aerial
2 x MicroInverter Cable (0.6m)
4 x Solar Cable (3m)
(Gift, individually packaged) : 2*MC4 Connector 1-to-2+ 2*Extend Cable 0.6m
User Manual+Warranty Card