Zendure Balcony Solar System AIO 2400 Limited to 300 pieces In stock | 9:00 AM on February 29th.

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Save up to €642.4 per year on energy

2.4 kWh

2.4 kWh battery capacity optimizes cost-efficiency,
1 kWh/0.559 Euro

1200 W

0-1200 W adjustable output with precise control



/ Year
AIO 2400 + Plug-in solar system (1,500W PV input)
/ Year
Plug-in solar system only(1,500W PV input)

1. 1,500W Plug-in solar system only: Savings of 730 kWh per year, about €292.* (Based on an electricity rate of €0.4/kWh).
2. AIO and 1,500W plug-in solar system: Savings of 1,606 kWh per year, about €642.4* (Based on an electricity rate of €0.4/kWh).

It's more than a product

Transform your garden house into a hub of sustainable productivity with AIO. Whether used for DIY projects, woodworking, or storage, AIO adapts to your needs. It's not just about energy efficiency – it's about enhancing space functionality.

AIO 2400
Portable Power Station
Balcony Power Station
Balcony power station with storage
Grid-Tie power supply
1W automatic power regulation
low temperature charging
No-drill mounting design