Corporate Responsibility

1. Our Mission

The world is chaotic. People are constantly moving. There are wars, famines, and power outages everywhere. The lack of power, no matter for travelers, photographers, remote workers, or an ordinary family in an African village, is a huge obstacle for life.

That’s why Zendure's mission is to “Make power available everywhere”. That’s why we have created a full line of power solutions for everyday life, from external batteries, chargers, cables, hubs, to power stations. In a word, Zendure’s full mobile energy solution enables people in remote areas to enjoy their life better.

2. Our Values.

Zendure's values ​​are composed of four points: Stay Real, Be Bold to Innovate, The Best or Nothing, and Be Aggressive. Stay Real is our core value. It means "do the right things in the right ways" so that we can go further.

Do the right things in the right ways means no matter what we do, be it sourcing, research, development, design, production, sales, marketing, or customer service, we must do it in a responsible, legal and just way.

3. Sustainability.

As a mobile power solutions brand, sustainability is one of our key concerns. 

Sustainable Manufacturing

From day one, we have been asking ourselves, what is sustainable manufacturing? For a company, the best way to be sustainable is to make our products durable. In fact, durability is our DNA. You can tell this from our name.

Our debut product line, the A-Series crushproof power banks, is known to be the most durable mobile power products in the industry. Since the launch on Kickstarter since 2013, a lot of people are still using the first generation today.

Our SuperCord charging cable is one of the most durable cables on the market surpassing over 50,000 times of bends test.

Our Passport travel adapter with an auto-resetting fuse can reset over 10,000 times, while most other products on the market have to be replaced when the fuse is blown.

All of our products passed RoHS certification, and we try our best to always use recyclable materials.

Sustainable Recycling

Zendure is one of the first companies in the industry to register WEEE (WEEE-Reg.-Nr. DE 78717859) in Europe.

What is WEEE?

WEEE is waste electrical and electronic equipment. It is end-of-life electrical and electronic equipment and covers virtually everything with a plug or battery. The European Commission introduced the WEEE Directive in 2002 to address the environmental impacts of unwanted electrical and electronic equipment at end-of-life disposal. The objective of the directive is to promote recycling, minimize waste and stimulate the development of more environmentally friendly products for the future.

As a brand, Zendure took financial responsibility for the environmental impact of the products that we place on the market, specifically when those products become waste.

In other regions of the world, such as the USA, China, and Japan, Zendure is also actively working with the local governments and regulatory bodies to comply with the local environmental institutions.

Sustainable Customer Service

In 2020, Zendure is going to launch the Trade-in Program in select countries. Customers will then be able to trade in their eligible device for credit toward their next purchase or get a Zendure Store Gift Card they can use anytime. If their device isn’t eligible for credit, we’ll recycle it for free. No matter the model or condition, we can turn it into something good for our customers and good for the planet.

4. Responsibility.

As a responsible brand, we are always looking for ways to reward the community and society. Since a very small brand, in the beginning, Zendure has been contributing to our stakeholders at our best efforts. We think this is the most important reason why we exist: to help others improve their lives, no matter they are our customers, employees, shareholders, suppliers, or simply our neighbors. 

Support for VIA Program

In 2018, Zendure launched the X6 Limited Edition to celebrate our 5th Anniversary for the brand, cooperating with Apexer, also known as Ricardo Richey, a street artist who creates colorful abstract patterns through the use of spray paint.

The X6 Limited Edition was a huge hit in the market and 1,000 units were sold out instantly, thanks to its beautiful design and unique features.

Zendure decided to donate the profits from this product to VIA, or Volunteers in Asia, a non-profit organization that provides innovative experiential learning programs in Asia and the United States that promote cross-cultural understanding, build partnerships and offer transformative experiences for our participants and the communities they serve.

Support for Philaphraphy

On December 19, Zendure sponsored the First Global Philaphrapist Forum in Beijing, China. The event was co-organized by the Philanthropist Alliance in China and the Synergos of USA. In the forum, global philanthropists discussed many meaningful topics from corporate responsibility, social enterprise, philanthropy & family fortune, to innovative philanthropy. Bryan Liu, CEO of Zendure was invited to the forum & gala dinner to meet with global philanthropy leaders such as Peggy Dulany.

Support for Homeless People

Zendure has been supporting BRC, a New York-based organization that helps build shelters for homeless people.

BRC is among the most comprehensive, effective, and fastest-growing agencies in NYC serving homeless New Yorkers. With a $91 million budget and over 1000 employees, BRC has 29 programs throughout the New York City area that work together to form a seamless continuum of caring and effective services to meet all of a client's needs. BRC employs a holistic approach, helping clients achieve health, wellness, and economic self-sufficiency, offering an array of housing and services for more than 10,000 of New York's neediest residents.