[Pre-sale] Hoymiles Microinverter+210W*4 Flexible Solar Panels (Free Satellite Plug)
[Pre-sale] Hoymiles Microinverter+210W*4 Flexible Solar Panels (Free Satellite Plug)

[Pre-sale] Hoymiles Microinverter+210W*4 Flexible Solar Panels (Free Satellite Plug)

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Flexible Solar Panel

Save 100€ now with the code XS100 for the Hoymiles Microinverter with 210W*4 flexible solar panels.
Pre-sale, Expected delivery time: January 10, 2024.

Personal electricity from your balcony

This balcony power plant can generate up to 1000+ kWh per year, saving up to 200€ per year. By generating your own electricity, you can become less dependent on the public electricity supply.

23% high solar conversion rate

Our advanced flexible solar panels enable 23% high solar conversion rate and faster charging, generating an average of 3 kWh/day, designed to extract the most power possible from sunlight.

More versatility with flexibility

Upgrade your energy solution with our flexible solar modules, which can be bent by up to 213 degrees and are therefore suitable for almost all scenarios. Thanks to their slim profile and low weight, these modules are easy to transport, install and save.

Lighter, easier to install

Discover our easy-to-use, lightweight, flexible solar panels with robust stainless steel cable ties for hassle-free installation and long-lasting performance.

12-year Warranty

Enjoy complete peace of mind with our 12-year guarantee. We guarantee the quality and durability of our products and offer you long-term security and support.

Intelligent energy management

Simply connect the Satellite Plug to access real-time power generation data via the Zendure APP.
Can 210W Flexible Solar Panel be connected in parallel?

Yes, Connecting solar modules in parallel doubles the current and thus improves the performance. The maximum number of 210W Flexible Solar Panel connected in parallel depends on your microinverter and energy storage. Make sure your microinverters support high input currents and use cables with the appropriate diameter for the output current to safely connect the modules in parallel.

How many years is the warranty for solar modules?

The component warranty for solar modules is 12 years.

Can it be used with SolarFlow? How do I connect it to it?

Yes, you can connect two 210W Flexible Solar Panel in parallel to the SolarFlow MPPT per circuit.

What do I have to pay attention to when storing solar modules?

Solar modules must be stored at room temperature and a humidity of no more than 60 %.

Can I combine different types of solar modules?

We do not recommend mixing different solar modules. To get the most efficient solar module system, we recommend that you use solar modules of the same brand and type.

Why the solar modules do not reach the rated power of 210 W?

There are a number of factors that cause solar modules not to reach their rated output, such as weather, light intensity, shading, orientation of solar modules, ambient temperature, location, etc.

Are 210W Flexible Solar Panel waterproof?

Yes, and the waterproof level IP67.

Do you need to clean it regularly?

Yes. After prolonged outdoor use, dust and debris can accumulate on the surface of the solar panel, partially blocking the light and reducing performance. Regular cleaning helps to keep the surface of the solar panel clean and free of dirt and to achieve higher performance.

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