<tc>Zendure SuperBase V Set centrale elettrica da balcone (Spina satellitare gratuita)</tc>
<tc>Zendure SuperBase V Set centrale elettrica da balcone (Spina satellitare gratuita)</tc>
<tc>Zendure SuperBase V Set centrale elettrica da balcone (Spina satellitare gratuita)</tc>
<tc>Zendure SuperBase V Set centrale elettrica da balcone (Spina satellitare gratuita)</tc>
<tc>Zendure SuperBase V Set centrale elettrica da balcone (Spina satellitare gratuita)</tc>
<tc>Zendure SuperBase V Set centrale elettrica da balcone (Spina satellitare gratuita)</tc>
<tc>Zendure SuperBase V Set centrale elettrica da balcone (Spina satellitare gratuita)</tc>

Zendure SuperBase V Set centrale elettrica da balcone (Spina satellitare gratuita)

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SuperBase V
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Intelligent Energy Management

The SuperBase V Balcony Solar Plant Sets are engineered with smart energy management systems, which include a portable power station with storage, ensuring you always have energy reserves for unexpected power outages.

High-Power Solar Input and Large Capacity

The SuperBase V Balcony Solar Plant Set is designed to handle high-power photovoltaic input, reaching a maximum of 3,000W. It offers up to 800W output and a large capacity ranging from 4.6kWh (SuperBase V 4600 Set) to 6.4 kWh (SuperBase V 6400 Set), catering to your diverse energy needs.

Grid Connection for Electricity Bill Savings

Our solar panels can feed excess electricity back into the grid when they capture ample sunlight. This feature optimizes consumption during low-cost electricity hours, potentially reducing electricity bills.

Off-Grid Capability for Emergency Backup

Zendure's Superbase V Balcony Solar Plant Sets offer off-grid capabilities for emergency backup, they harness solar energy during the day, converting sunlight into electricity through photovoltaic cells. This power is stored in a battery for later use or converted to AC and fed back into the grid. When the sun sets, the stored energy powers your home, ensuring efficient use of renewable energy.

Duty-Free Advantage

In line with Germany's photovoltaic system tax exemption policy effective from December 2022, operators of residential photovoltaic systems up to a scale of 30 kilowatts can enjoy a value-added tax exemption. This makes harnessing solar energy more cost-effective, allowing everyone to reap the benefits of renewable energy.
Can I buy a PVHub Mini package in Germany with tax exemption?

Sorry, Only German customers who purchase a PVHub Mini package from Zendure are eligible for tax exemptions.

What are the advantages of portable energy storage with a Plug & Play PV system?

This combination is well suited for periods of blackouts or for use in cabins with insufficient power. Not only does it provide a flexible power supply, but TOU (Time of Use) management can help you save money on your electric bill.

What is the maximum PV input power supported by SuperBase V and the Satellite Battery?

The maximum PV input power supported by SuperBase V is 3,000W, while the Satellite Battery's is 600W. (SuperBase V needs to be upgraded via OTA to realize 3,000W MPPT input. Please contact our staff to push the OTA upgrade window for your device.

Where is the input of the solar panel when connecting to PVHub Mini?

The solar panel can be connected to the SuperBase V or the battery via the XT90 port. The XT90 and the AC connection can be used as inputs.

How does a UPS work and how fast is it?

When your SBV is connected to an AV outlet for charging, any electronic devices plugged into it will receive power from the grid rather than from the SBV. When the grid fails, it switches to battery-powered mode within 13 milliseconds to keep your devices running.

What is the AC output power of SuperBase V?

Both the LFP and SSS versions of SuperBase V are rated at 3,800W with a peak power of 5,000W. (7,600W when 2 SuperBase V's are connected)

Can I set the output power of the microinverters?

It is not possible to adjust the power of the microinverters themselves, but you can set and adjust the power provided to them using the Zendure app.

Can I connect 2 SuperBase V's for higher output power?

Yes, Zendure's ZenY Cable can be used to connect two SuperBase V's together for up to 7,600W of output power.

Why are the expansion batteries called "Satellites"?

Our Ssatellite Batteries are a great addition to the SuperBase V to increase system capacity, but they also have their own independent DC input and output capability and can be used as standalone units. Similarly, the Moon is a companion to Earth but can also be enjoyed on its own."

How many Satellite Batteries can be connected to one SuperBase V?

Each SuperBase V can be connected to up to 4 Satellites. A system that includes two SuperBase V's can support a total of 8 Satellites.

What is the capacity of the SuperBase V?

The semi-solid version, SuperBase V6400, has a capacity of 6,438Wh. The LFP version, SuperBase V4600, has a capacity of 4,608Wh.

What type of battery does the SuperBase V use?

SuperBase V6400 uses semi-solid batteries with a total capacity of 6,438Wh, while SuperBase V4600 uses LFP (Lithium Iron Phosphate) batteries with an energy capacity of 4,608Wh.

Can I mix semi-solid and LFP products?

No, SuperBase V systems can only be configured with either semi-solid or LFP components, not a combination of the two.

How do I interconnect the Satellite Batteries to SuperBase V and to each other?

Satellite Batteries can be stacked on top of each other directly without using a cable, while a cable is necessary to connect one or more Satellite Batteries to SuperBase V.

What is the cycle life of SuperBase V?

SuperBase V6400 has 3,000+ charge cycles and SuperBase V4600 has 6,000+ charge cycles.

Can the Smart Home Panel with EV sockets only be used as a changeover switch?

The Zendure Smart Home Panel is not just a changeover switch. It also monitors and controls connected home circuits and provides fast EV charging for one or two electric vehicles.

How do I install the Home Panel?

The Zendure Smart Home Panel should be installed by an authorized electrician with the necessary qualifications.

Does the system have voice control?

Yes, the system supports Amazon Alexa, Google Home and more.

Can SuperBase V be charged with other brands of solar panels?

Yes, SuperBase V can be charged by other solar panels with voltages ranging from 12V to 150V; Zendure's 400W and 320W solar panels have been thoroughly tested with SuperBase V and are our recommended products.

Can I use my PVHub Mini with other brands of micro reversers?

No, the PVHub Mini can only work with Hoymiles HMS-800-2T.

After connecting the PVHub Mini, will the SBV/satellite battery pack output power to the PVHub Mini after it is turned on?

To power on the SBV/satellite battery pack, you need to connect to the App, and set up on the App to turn on the parallel port output to supply power to the PVHub Mini.

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